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This is the Chattanooga Power House, a paper model that occupies three sheets of paper and is nice for Dioramas, Train sets, RPG or Wargames.
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Here is the Generic Garage Paper Model, ready to download! The model is 1n 1/64 scale, so it will be a perfect diorama/stand for Hot Wheels miniatures.
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Here are the Easy-To-Build Military Vehicles in 1/35 scale, that are nice for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.
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Here is The Pirate Cove Diorama, ready to download! In the .rar file you will find the model in two formats: JPG and PDf. Instructions included. Have fun!
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Here is the Rowing Boat Paper Model, ready to download!
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FREE exclusive paper models
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Here is an easy-to-build Police Car paper model, in a classic style. I tried to make it easy and fun to build, so the wheels are designed in own car body.
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My own papercraft works in progress and links to lots of other people's papercraft websites and downloads!
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Bootlegger Boat Paper Model. You also will find all the accessories that you can see in the photos that ilustrate this post.
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The pictures say it all: download this free paper toy and "Shake Your Own King!" An easy-to-build exclusive paper toy in only one sheet of paper.
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This is the Genne Simmons Paper Toy, a free paper model create by a fan to be shared with all fans of Kiss. It is a nice collectible to put on your CD or old Lps shelf.
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Here is the Texaco Vintage Service Station Paper Model In 1/25 scale, ready to download! The model occupies four sheets of paper and another sheet for the base, which is optional.
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This Vintage Gas Pump Paper Model in 1/32 scale is part of the Vintage Service Station Diorama, that is not finished yet, but you can download this little gas pump, for while.
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This small diorama is 15 cm by 13 cm, including the base and 7.5 cm in height.
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In this post you will find the link to download the Fusuma House Paper Model and the first part of the construction report of this model. I hope you enjoy it!
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This is Lemon, the guitarrist of "Terminal Blues" Rock`n`Roll Band!
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An easy-to-build Pumpkin Candy Box, with a "Bad Attitude" face, to decorate your Halloween party, in two versions: color and black and white. by Papermau.
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Here is a very easy-to-build model, a generic coffin in two sizes, with a handsome guy inside. Enjoy!
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Here is the Venice Diorama, ready to download.
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Here is the Reneck Motorhome, or Hillbilly Snail, in two versions: MsPaint simple textures and realistic textures. It is a very simple model in just two sheets. Enjoy!
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Here is the Wood House In The Desert, in 1/64 scale. Perfect for Hot Wheels miniature vehicles. The model considts in three sheets with pieces and is not a hard-to-build model. Enjoy!
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A simple model, that I called Camo Paper Toy, and is just an exercise for future paper toys
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Led Zeppelin is the new addition for the Rock`n`Roll Circus series. I want to make clear that this papercraft is a model avaliable for free!
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Here a new Kombi to the collection, now the Police Kombi. I also intend to make the Fire Department Kombi and the Ambulance Kombi very soon.
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More one vehicle for the Rock`n`Roll Circus series. This time, the Kiss Kombi!
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