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Brazilian Abandoned House is done! Inside the .rar file are the Sketchup and Pepakura models of this house, if someone want to change textures, etc.
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support to give encouragement in modeling, Paypal : no matter how much thank you
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Here is the Italian Villa paper model. The whole model occupies only three sheets of paper and when printed in A4 format, the building measures 7 cm x 5,5 cm and 10 cm tall.
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The famous studio ghibli howl moving castle can now be made into paper craft
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Here is an easy-to-build paper model of a Winter House with Christmas decorations.
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Here is a simple small diorama which is a reinterpretation of a Van Gogh painting, The Yellow House, from 1888.
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Here is the "Three Simple Shops" diorama, ready to download. The whole model occupies only three sheets of paper.
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This is more one generic garage that I believe will be useful for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.
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Here is the Ancient Roman Villa, occupying six sheets of paper, including the optional base. I think it will be useful for School Works, Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.
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Here is a little Medieval Style House Paper Model, on a single sheet of paper. It is not a hard-to-build model, so so I did not include instructions for this.
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This is a simple Pyramid paper model, to be used in Dioramas, RPG, Wargames or School Works.
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Here the Re-Perez Auto Service paper model, ready to download. This model was created with textures taken directly from the game GTA V for Playstation 4.
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Here is the Old Stone House With Well. This is a simple model consisting in only 23 pieces and more one if you counting the optional base.
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Great for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames, this model takes three sheets of paper, and one more if you want to print the optional base.
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This stand/diorama of a Guardhouse Paper Model With Sandbag Barricade fits nice with 1/25 scale figures and with Playmobil miniatures.
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Desktop Architecture - Serie 04 - by Papermau Here five simple Brazilian Colonial Churches. Enjoy!
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A simple model for dioramas, train sets or RPG games, an original by Papermau.
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More one old model(2009), made with MSPaint. Very simple, but good looking. Ten photos included in .rar files to help with assembly.
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This is a very simple paper model of a little house with some bushes. The model occupies only two sheets: one for the house and fence and one for the bushes.
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Here is the Athenian Treasury paper model, ready for download. When printed in A4 format, the measures of the completed model are 16 cm tall, 14 cm length and 21 cm depht.
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This is my first attempt to make a hand-colored paper model. I used as base the Simple House Paper Model For Kids , a little black and white model posted at the blog in march, 09, 2014.
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This is the Green Wood House, a simple paper model in three sheets of paper.
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Here is the Santa Fe Grains & Goods Warehouse Paper Model, ready for download!
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This is the Chattanooga Power House, a paper model that occupies three sheets of paper and is nice for Dioramas, Train sets, RPG or Wargames.
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Here is the Generic Garage Paper Model, ready to download! The model is 1n 1/64 scale, so it will be a perfect diorama/stand for Hot Wheels miniatures.
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