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Here is The Pirate Cove Diorama, ready to download! In the .rar file you will find the model in two formats: JPG and PDf. Instructions included. Have fun!
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Here is the Texaco Vintage Service Station Paper Model In 1/25 scale, ready to download! The model occupies four sheets of paper and another sheet for the base, which is optional.
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This Vintage Gas Pump Paper Model in 1/32 scale is part of the Vintage Service Station Diorama, that is not finished yet, but you can download this little gas pump, for while.
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This small diorama is 15 cm by 13 cm, including the base and 7.5 cm in height.
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In this post you will find the link to download the Fusuma House Paper Model and the first part of the construction report of this model. I hope you enjoy it!
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Here is the Venice Diorama, ready to download.
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Here is the Wood House In The Desert, in 1/64 scale. Perfect for Hot Wheels miniature vehicles. The model considts in three sheets with pieces and is not a hard-to-build model. Enjoy!
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Here is the Castle Ruins Diorama, ready to download!
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Here is the Ancient Temple, ready to download. It consists in five sheets of parts, and in the compressed file are included several photos with the assembly process.
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A very easy-to-build paper model of the Palazzo Auditore, from Assassin`s Creed videogame. A simple building, in just one sheet, but with nice textures.
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Here a little (just one page) and easy-to-build paper model of a imaginary restaurant, in 1/35 scale.
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two easy-to-build paper models representing two real buildings in London, England: The Rose Hotel and A Chinese and Cantonese Restaurant.
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It is a simple model, in just one page, something about 1/72 scale, but fits nice to 1/87 scale.
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Hello from Brazil, Here a little urban diorama, made with MSPaint. The model is free to download and very easy to build.
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Here is the Roman Castrum in Romania, ready to download. This model was made using Sketchup to draw the basic lines, then this first model was unfolded in Pepakura
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Easy to build diorama of a suburban house, perfect for Hot Wheels miniatures.
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My friend Everton Pendragon, here from Brazil, has rescaled the Old Church and Medieval Castle model to HO Scale.
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A simple model of a little shop, a two store building. A desktop model in two pages. It measures 11 cm x 7 cm without the base.
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Here an easy-to-build model, just two sheets of paper. Nice to decorate your Christmas tree or your shelf.
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This model is an open work, because is not finished. There are some many ideas that can be put in this model, too many histories to be told...
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This one I did thinking of those films of WW2, when some seven or eight soldiers, survivors of a lost platoon arrive in a village and then have to...more at
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Brazilian Abandoned House is done! Inside the .rar file are the Sketchup and Pepakura models of this house, if someone want to change textures, etc.
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Here more two old models made in MSPaint. A medieval church and a castle. They are small pieces (its bases have a size of 11.5X16 cm) and are very easy to assemble.
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Here a little simple model, but one of my favorites, Petra, in Jordania. Free download . Pics with instructions in the .rar file.
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Here a model of a simple and easy to build castle, perfect for kids.
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