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The pictures say it all: download this free paper toy and "Shake Your Own King!" An easy-to-build exclusive paper toy in only one sheet of paper.
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Designer 3D, I create papercraft models such as masks. Free templates
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I design various papercraft models such as characters and vehicles. Free templates and 3D models are being released.
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This is my online shop selling antique-themed fake book box papercraft models. I mainly sell them in digital item format, such as template PDF files.
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Vriskas sword from the webcomic Homestuck
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Life size sword
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Biggest site with templates for "hollow-face"-illusions (is not my site!)
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This is a very simple diorama based in a Batman comics cover.
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Hang on a wall or made two of them and stick them back to back for full model.
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World-famous mountains like Mount Fuji, Matterhorn and St Helens with beautiful aerial photo textures
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A huge papercraft library containing your every papercrafting need.
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This is the The Cavern Club Diorama, an easy-to-build paper model in four sheets of paper.
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The Hall Of Armor is for 1/6 scale model of Iron Man, you can add LED for more dramatic effect :)
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A simple Egyptian Sarcophagus paper model to be used with 1/12 scale miniatures or just to decorate your shelf. Download easily directly from Google Docs.
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Nintendo papercrafts. All designed by Poe, Link101, and FinalSmash
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FREE exclusive paper models
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The pictures say it all: download this free paper toy and "Shake Your Own King!" An easy-to-build exclusive paper toy in only one sheet of paper.
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An easy-to-build Pumpkin Candy Box, with a "Bad Attitude" face, to decorate your Halloween party, in two versions: color and black and white. by Papermau.
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Here is a very easy-to-build model, a generic coffin in two sizes, with a handsome guy inside. Enjoy!
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A simple model, that I called Camo Paper Toy, and is just an exercise for future paper toys
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a little horror memorabilia freely inspired in "The Return Of The Living Dead II" and another Zombie movies, like Reanimator, Shawn of the Dead and Zombieland.
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Video game-related paper models and tutorials. Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and much more! Models of all difficulties and all kinds.
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Here a little gift box in a delicate matchbox format. A different and unique way of giving those who want to show you care.
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Brand new, free templates other every Saturday - Nintendo games and more.
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With so many old and new modelers on site, the 405th threads and download links, will be updating this thread as often as is needed.
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