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russian web site
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This is an Articulated Fire Truck, it has movable parts and is a fun project. By printer manufacturer Canon, they have several more throughout the site!
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Papercraft Submarino
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A site dedicated to paper models of trucks, other road vehicles, trains, trams and scenery suitable for HO and OO scale model railways.
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IntBall Paper craft
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Here is the Rowing Boat Paper Model, ready to download!
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Bootlegger Boat Paper Model. You also will find all the accessories that you can see in the photos that ilustrate this post.
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Two models of a serie of four. Simple and little (base 7cmx5cm), perfect for your desktop. In the .rar file are included several photos of the models for reference.
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If you have ever wanted to have your very own model of the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, here is your chance to build one.
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The Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft.
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You can download templates of Digital Navy card model.
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russian web site
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