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six little houses free to download at :
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Another model made with Sketchup/Pepakura/MSPaint. Free to download!
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A long time ago a priest who suffered from anxiety ordered to construct a chapel with three towers and in each tower it ordered to place a bell, to keep moved away the bad...
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Here is the Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station, but it does not seem abandoned, oh, no. In fact this is the famous Route 666 Damned Gas station, and it is located at some point of the Route 66,
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More one model made with Sketchup/Pepakura/MSPaint . A good stand for miniatures in 1/25 scale or approximate. Sketchup and Pepakura files included to help with assembly.
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Another exclusive model, free to download. Made with Sketchup, Pepakura and texturized with MSPaint. Sketchup and pepakura church model included in .rar file. hope you enjoy.
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It`s a very funny project, easy to build and looks great for 1:43 or 1:50 miniature cars. It`s a "easy model"
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Build Your Own New York is a series of postcards published by Wurlington Brothers Press which can be cut and assembled into miniature paper models of prominent New York landmarks.
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