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On this website you will find products for Nature lovers. We encourage you to discover animal papercraft!
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Designer 3D, I create papercraft models such as masks. Free templates
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I design various papercraft models such as characters and vehicles. Free templates and 3D models are being released.
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This is my online shop selling antique-themed fake book box papercraft models. I mainly sell them in digital item format, such as template PDF files.
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COD mask ghost 3D
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Beautiful and simple models of birds, dragons and other animals. A distinctive feature, a minimum of parts and assembly time and an excellent result. Be assured you will succeed!
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mercedes benz SSK
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Cute templates perfrect for any room and birthday parties
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The 3D Paper Craft to make your room unique!
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AlfaRomeo 158 papermodel
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Santa Claus By Rondipaper 35 cm e 60 cm - $ 23 paypal
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Ichigo Papercraft Bleach Chibi
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Papercraft Submarino
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Thundertank by Rondipaper $ 35 $ paypal:
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Paypal ryuanimeextreme@HOTMAIL.COM - $ 28 American
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This is a low poly model, I recommend mounting for collectors and fans of the megaman series, I hope everyone can buy this model via paypal $ 5
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This low poly model is available for download at my site, paypal paypal email: Value: US $ 8
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Dean SuperNatural Chibi Papercraft by RondiPaper
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Santa Claus by RondiPaper
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It's one of my low poly papercraft models that I'm presenting on Etsy. It is quite easy to assemble as I have opened the back end. It's great for family activity.
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It is a part of a winter theme that I'm working on
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A half model of a fish. You could have the mirrored part and make it a full body fish if you don't want the version designed as wall decor.
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Hang on a wall or made two of them and stick them back to back for full model.
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