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A site dedicated to paper models of trucks, other road vehicles, trains, trams and scenery suitable for HO and OO scale model railways.
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World-famous mountains like Mount Fuji, Matterhorn and St Helens with beautiful aerial photo textures
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Hey, if you really want it I would provide it for free :)
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Free and premium paper model kits!
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Papercraft Solar Powered Bobbleheads are eco-friendly and fun! Place them in the sun and they bobble all day. Parts are pre-cut for ease of assembly.
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We are proud to present the most futuristic, funtional and intuitive chess set in history. Absolutely none of rules of chess change, only the old associations and names.
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See our collection of wonderful papercraft model automata. You can buy our models from anywhere in the world, and pay by the secure PAYPAL method in your own currency.
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This is home for all the little paper creatures I make. There is a list over to the right of all my free paper toys you can download and have for your very own.
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Build Your Own New York is a series of postcards published by Wurlington Brothers Press which can be cut and assembled into miniature paper models of prominent New York landmarks.
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I am a Dutch paper engineer, based in Arnhem, and my work mainly focuses on the creation of papertoys.
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Offers scale 3D paper models of famous architectural buildings and structures.
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Paper Pendulum Clock was added to the page of Paper Clock Project.
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Free papercraft Advance Wars, One Piece, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Tomb Raider, Zelda, LEGO, Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars, Mario, Batman, Kim Possible, Warcraft and more!
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You can paint any color you like on your blueprints.
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Download free templates for real, well flying and easy to make Jet fighters (F/A-18EF, Su-57, F-35, F-22 etc) and more (Pteranodon, Dragonfly..).
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Free template files and very cute anime characters. Chainsaw-man, SPY FAMILY, Demon slayer , Shield hero, EVANGELION, Dr.STONE, NARUTO etc...
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Jun.4 I designed Papercraft of IGGY(JOJO'S BIZARRE ADVENTURE). The characters of the Nintendo and so on. It is Japanese Web site.
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Vriskas sword from the webcomic Homestuck
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Life size sword
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Thank you for downloading the free template from the website
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support to give encouragement in modeling, Paypal : no matter how much thank you
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