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Desktop Architecture - Serie 04 - by Papermau Here five simple Brazilian Colonial Churches. Enjoy!
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simple to build Hot Rod in four colors
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A two colored moose. Free template included
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Instrucktable on how to make a deer. Free template included.
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This is the Yellow Cab, an easy-to-build paper model in only one sheet of paper. Download easily, directly from Google Docs.
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A simple model for dioramas, train sets or RPG games, an original by Papermau.
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More one old model(2009), made with MSPaint. Very simple, but good looking. Ten photos included in .rar files to help with assembly.
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A simple Egyptian Sarcophagus paper model to be used with 1/12 scale miniatures or just to decorate your shelf. Download easily directly from Google Docs.
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This is a very simple paper model of a little house with some bushes. The model occupies only two sheets: one for the house and fence and one for the bushes.
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A simple Coca-Cola Van paper model in only one sheet of paper. Download easily directly from Google Docs.
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Here is the Athenian Treasury paper model, ready for download. When printed in A4 format, the measures of the completed model are 16 cm tall, 14 cm length and 21 cm depht.
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This is my first attempt to make a hand-colored paper model. I used as base the Simple House Paper Model For Kids , a little black and white model posted at the blog in march, 09, 2014.
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Here is the Redneck Motorhome - Version II, ready to download!
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When he watches the human being who seems to be infected with a virus, he becomes the superhero "Security Warrior Mamoru-kun".
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This is the Green Wood House, a simple paper model in three sheets of paper.
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Here is the Old Armored Truck paper model, ready for download!
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Here is the Longboard Surfari Sedan, a very easy-to-build paper model in two sheets of paper. Free download at Papermau!
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Head Model
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Nintendo papercrafts. All designed by Poe, Link101, and FinalSmash
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Here is the Jeep Willys Fire Brigade Paper Model, ready to download!
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This simple cube robot model will help you cut and assemble paper models so you can display them at the 2013 International Paper Modelers Convention on October 26, 2013
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The papercraft of the railway in Japan has been opened to the public.
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here is the Jeep SAS Desert Rats Paper Model, ready to download! In the downloadable file you will find two templates of tires (easy way and not so easy way)and photos of the assembled model.
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Here is the Santa Fe Grains & Goods Warehouse Paper Model, ready for download!
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Here is the Jeep Willys 1944 Paper Model in Camo version, ready to download! The whole model, occupies three sheets of paper.
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