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Here is the Ancient Roman Villa, occupying six sheets of paper, including the optional base. I think it will be useful for School Works, Dioramas, RPG and Wargames.
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Quadro 3d de Goku Super Sayajin formato PDO Solicitação via email
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Tokyo Ghoul - Ken Kaneki Papercraft
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Death Note: Ryuk Papercraft
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Deadpool Papercraft.
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Here is a little Medieval Style House Paper Model, on a single sheet of paper. It is not a hard-to-build model, so so I did not include instructions for this.
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You can download the paper craft that can be used at airportmodel for free. For example, free paper craft of boarding bridge, ramp car,and towing vehicles.
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Free anime models paper craft
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Gundam and all type of robots for free
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Patron backed free models
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The first generation of Celica (TA22), manufactured by Toyota. It is powered by a naturally aspirated engine of 1.6 litre capacity. Paper model designed and created by Paperized Papercrafts.
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This is Oji-San Master Saru, friend and adviser of Saruman, the Samurai Monkey.
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This is a simple Pyramid paper model, to be used in Dioramas, RPG, Wargames or School Works.
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Here the Re-Perez Auto Service paper model, ready to download. This model was created with textures taken directly from the game GTA V for Playstation 4.
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All kinds of paper craft especially anime
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Give a retro touch to your desktop with this Pac-Man Paper Model Diorama.
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This is the The Cavern Club Diorama, an easy-to-build paper model in four sheets of paper.
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Here is the Old Stone House With Well. This is a simple model consisting in only 23 pieces and more one if you counting the optional base.
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It's a Bird...It's a Plane...It's Suppa Man!!!, NEW flying on skateboard pose available for download, Enjoy ;)
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Nostalgia, classic batman still the best suit for me :D
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The Hall Of Armor is for 1/6 scale model of Iron Man, you can add LED for more dramatic effect :)
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Great for Dioramas, RPG and Wargames, this model takes three sheets of paper, and one more if you want to print the optional base.
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Here is the Vintage Diner Pop-Up paper model, ready to download.
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Not one of my best assemblies, but here is Batman, in a simple paper toy version and using his 1960`s classic blue/gray suit.
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This stand/diorama of a Guardhouse Paper Model With Sandbag Barricade fits nice with 1/25 scale figures and with Playmobil miniatures.
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