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It`s a very funny project, easy to build and looks great for 1:43 or 1:50 miniature cars. It`s a "easy model"
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patterns to build a clock that really works.
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Chevelle 1970, PDF Format, detailed instructions + photos + Sketchup and Pepakura Models
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Super Mario, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and much more! Models of all difficulties and all kinds. Updated about very month.
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Papercraft Solar Powered Bobbleheads are eco-friendly and fun! Place them in the sun and they bobble all day. Parts are pre-cut for ease of assembly.
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Papercraft Paradise is another great papercraft blog for all your if you are searching for any themed papercraft.
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This site started as a simple blog for the visitors of to get their Nintendo Papercrafts. The blog was updated about every month by Biebboek.
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Meet Grumm, a moody piece of paper…
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See our collection of wonderful papercraft model automata. You can buy our models from anywhere in the world, and pay by the secure PAYPAL method in your own currency.
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We are proud to present the most futuristic, funtional and intuitive chess set in history. Absolutely none of rules of chess change, only the old associations and names.
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(Japanese only) Paper model οΌ»BOOOON! CITYοΌ½ is a city of paper models.
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The paper airplanes presented in this web page include my old favorites as well as new designs that I recently
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Faux Phone
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In 5 colors monkey and friends
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This is home for all the little paper creatures I make. There is a list over to the right of all my free paper toys you can download and have for your very own.
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A new model every week
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Go to the Gallery
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These models are a gift from me to you.
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I am a Dutch paper engineer, based in Arnhem, and my work mainly focuses on the creation of papertoys.
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This website is dedicated to supply you with totally free, imaginative little paper creatures!
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International List of Scale Model Related Web Sites. Search over 8592 Scale Model Related Web Sites .
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paper model
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He is one of the promising young artists in Japan. Amazing! His pet dog,etc. (Japnese only) (PDF)
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If you have ever wanted to have your very own model of the Mars Pathfinder spacecraft, here is your chance to build one.
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The Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) spacecraft.
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