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A new body to Chevelle 1970: a Straight to Hell version, a tribute to nobody. To use with parts of Chevrolet Chevelle Dark Version (link at the end of this post). - Mauther
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Nobody Transporter Van - easy to build model. Just one sheet.
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Here a WW2 Truck Bedford,an old model made with MsPaint. Detailed photo instructions in the link at the end of this post.
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Here an easy-to-build model, just two sheets of paper. Nice to decorate your Christmas tree or your shelf.
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A very simple little Kombi , easy-to-build and one page model. In six colors, and you can change the logo using MsPaint.
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Zoids models are completed. Paper ship of the "IJN Chokai" & "RMS Tinanic" has been completed. We have alot of trains and Military ships !
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Here is the Chevelle Nascar`s body, to use with the parts of Chevelle Dark Version download:
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This model is an open work, because is not finished. There are some many ideas that can be put in this model, too many histories to be told...
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Here an old furgon truck, to use in Abandoned Gas Station`s diorama. There are ten colors in the .rar file. Later I will make a tow truck version.
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This one I did thinking of those films of WW2, when some seven or eight soldiers, survivors of a lost platoon arrive in a village and then have to...more at
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import and distribution of paper model kits- Australia
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Brazilian Abandoned House is done! Inside the .rar file are the Sketchup and Pepakura models of this house, if someone want to change textures, etc.
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Here more two old models made in MSPaint. A medieval church and a castle. They are small pieces (its bases have a size of 11.5X16 cm) and are very easy to assemble.
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In the .rar arquive you will find the Pepakura and Sketchup files, in the case you want to modify the texture.
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Two models of a serie of four. Simple and little (base 7cmx5cm), perfect for your desktop. In the .rar file are included several photos of the models for reference.
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Here a Nascar`s machine - the legendary 1972 Dodge Charger of Richard Petty.
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Here a little simple model, but one of my favorites, Petra, in Jordania. Free download . Pics with instructions in the .rar file.
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Here a model of a simple and easy to build castle, perfect for kids.
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six little houses free to download at :
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Another model made with Sketchup/Pepakura/MSPaint. Free to download!
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A long time ago a priest who suffered from anxiety ordered to construct a chapel with three towers and in each tower it ordered to place a bell, to keep moved away the bad...
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This model is easy and beauty. Included various pics of the model in .rar file to help with the assembly.Funny car.
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Here is the Route 66 Abandoned Gas Station, but it does not seem abandoned, oh, no. In fact this is the famous Route 666 Damned Gas station, and it is located at some point of the Route 66,
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More one model made with Sketchup/Pepakura/MSPaint . A good stand for miniatures in 1/25 scale or approximate. Sketchup and Pepakura files included to help with assembly.
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Another exclusive model, free to download. Made with Sketchup, Pepakura and texturized with MSPaint. Sketchup and pepakura church model included in .rar file. hope you enjoy.
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