PC Telnetd 2.02A

Telnet Server for Windows

PC Telnetd is a standard telnet server running on Windows.
It provides the next features:

  1. Control a remote Windows machine.
  2. Utilize CPU power of remote machine.
  3. Share COM port on a remote machine.
  4. Use favorite telnet client software, instead of standard DOS window.
  5. Easily create custom server programs as a command line program.
  6. Communicate with multiple telnet clients.

PC Telnetd


Use PC Telnetd to control command-line on Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000 from other computers connected by LAN or Internet. PC Telnetd provides the following features:


PC Telnetd is a standard telnet server (telnetd). So you can use telnet.exe included in Windows, various Windows telnet client software (communication software), as well as telnet clients for other operation systems such as UNIX or Macintosh. You can connect to PC Telnetd via LAN or Internet.

You can control only command-line softwares, and you cannot control GUI applications such as Notepad or PaintBrush through PC Telnetd.

Price is only US$ 24.99.

Trial Version

To download a trial version of PC Telnetd, click next link:

To start PC Telnetd, expand the downloaded .zip file, simply place the files in any directory, and invoke 'PCTelD.exe'.

Note: PC Telnetd requires WinSock 2.

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Aug 01, 2001 updated