PC Telnetd History

V1.00 1998/07/20
First release (in Japanese version)
V1.01 1998/07/23
Support EmTerm (a telnet client)
V1.02 1998/07/24
Adjustment for popup menu
V1.03 1998/09/05
Fix the problem that sometimes a character is sent 2 times.
V1.04 1998/09/28
Allow trial version to be installed as a Windows NT service
Change password storage method
V2.0 1999/09/06
Support MDI interface
Support send/recv data display
Support Ctrl+C
Now server can force to disconnect
Support Configurations for each account
V2.01 1999/09/12
Support Integration with Windows NT security
Support connection to COM port
Support terminal mode (connect telnet clients each other)
V2.02 2001/07/06
Localized to English version