Register to PC Telnetd

PC Telnetd is a retail software distributing online. The distributed version is the Trial Version which allows to enter commands only 15 times. The Trial Version is for testing this software.

To clear this restriction, paid user registration is required to get password.

To Register PC Telnetd:

  1. Price is US$ 24.99. We accept the following payment method:

  2. Request registration by any of the followings method:

    Notify the followings:

  3. User Name, ID Number, and Password will be sent to you.

    1. From Help menu of PC Telnetd, click User Registration to show the following dialog box.

    2. Enter each item, then click OK to clear restrictions for trial version.
    3. You can see User Name and ID in the User Registration dialog box at any time. However, Password is not shown. Keep the record to remember it.

Minor version up is free of charge. Get new version from our Web site and use with the same Use Name, ID and Password.