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Light Macro Assembler
Version 2.35F

Light Macro Assembler (LASM) is a assembler for all MS-DOS systems, including Windows command prompt. It supports 8086 to Pentium.

Compliance to Standard

Light Macro Assembler is a "normal" assembler. Its syntax has very high compatibility with Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) 6.0, which is the defact standard of 8086 assembler. Almost every 8086 assembler code in books and magazines can be assembled by LASM, since they are written with this syntax.

Light Macro Assembler generates MS-DOS standard object (OBJ) file. So assembler routines assembled by LASM can be linked with all other high level languages compiled to the standard OBJ file format.

Linker and Debugger

Linker and debugger are provided. They supports COM format file, as well as EXE format. You can also use Microsoft's LINK.EXE and all other compatible linkers. Linker supports Intel HEX format, too.

Download Demo Version

You are free to download the demo version of Light Macro Assembler. Click next hotspot to download, and execute downloaded archive EXE file. Several EXE files, manual file (Windows Help), and some sample ASM files will be generated.

Get License

Light Macro Assembler is provided as sample (demo) version. Sample version can assemble only source files less than 150 lines. To get product version, request registration and get password. License fee is $79 per one copy. -> How to Register

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Light Macro Assembler