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— An interface among people with different cultures —
Localization to Japanese
Localize English software and manuals to Japanese. With high quality and clear price.
Japanese DTP
Japanese DTP on Windows with reasonable price !

  • FrameMaker
  • InDesign
  • PageMaker
  • Microsoft Word
  • Illustrator
  • Pepakura Designer
    Allows you to create developments for paper craft easily from 3D data of 3D CG software. Try to create your original works!
    Macro Assembler for x86
    Light Macro Assembler 2.34A
    MS-MASM 6.0 compatible macro assembler. Includes linker and debugger.
    Telnet Daemon
    PC Telnetd 2.02A
    Standard telnet server which runs under Windows. Enables Windows machine remote controlling.
    Toas 1.04
    A COM component for WSH (Windows scripting host).
    Rental Office
  • SoftOffice: Rental office service in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Others
  • Develop Compilers: We develop C compilers for various CPUs at a low price.
  • Free Software: Simple command-line utilities. Everything Free!
  • General Materials: Character code tables, entity references, color samples, etc.
  • Japanese Software and Services
    Caution: These are Japanese pages.
  • Light C (C compiler)
  • LightVM (Version control)
  • LightGREP (Full text search)
  • PChecker (Patent document checker)
  • Light Proxy (Sharing Internet connection)
  • Davinci (Graphic paint software)
  • SoftAd (Advertisement delivery service)
  • SoftOffice (Rental office)
  • (From Sep 04, 2006)

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