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blue rectangle Localization to Japanese

Localize English software and manuals to Japanese. With high quality and clear price.

blue rectangle Pepakura Designer

Allows you to create developments for paper craft easily from 3D data of 3D CG software. Try to create your original works!

blue rectangle Rental Office

SoftOffice provides rental (shared) offices in Tokyo and Yokohama in Japan. As a pioneer of shared office in Tokyo area, we provide useful and low cost offices for long term users.

blue rectangle Convert MS-Office document and XML

Extract text contents from OpenXML formatted MS-Office document (.docx .xlsx .pptx) files to XML format, and conversely embed the contents of the XML files to the original Office document files.

This system is free (no charge).

blue rectangle C Compiler

We develop C compilers for various processors including 8086 and RISC processors.

blue rectangle Others

Toas 1.04 is a COM component for Windows Scripting Host.

PC Telnetd is a standard telnet server (daemon) which runs under Windows.

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