SoftOffice Kita-Senju

A rental office (shared office) at Kita-Senju, Tokyo, Japan. This office is opened in August 2002 as a pioneering open-booth rental office in Tokyo. The aim of this office is to provide a practical and low-cost office for long-term tenants with reasonable monthly fee (25,000 - 40,000 yen).






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List of Booths
No.RentServiceTotal (tax included)CommentAvailability
801-#1 25,000 yen8,000 yen34,650 yenOccupied
801-#2 30,000 yen8,000 yen38,000 yenOccupied
801-#3 28,000 yen8,000 yen36,000 yenOccupied
801-#4 31,000 yen8,000 yen39,000 yenWindow sideOccupied
801-#5 --- --- --- Occupied
801-#6 24,000 yen8,000 yen32,000 yenOccupied
801-#7 30,000 yen8,000 yen39,900 yenWindow sideOccupied
801-#8 --- --- --- Window sideOccupied
801-#9 --- --- --- Window sideOccupied
901-#1 31,900 yen8,000 yen39,900 yenOccupied
901-#2 30,000 yen8,000 yen38,000 yenOccupied
901-#3 28,000 yen8,000 yen37,800 yenOccupied
901-#4 30,000 yen8,000 yen38,000 yenOccupied
901-#5 22,000 yen8,000 yen31,500 yenWindow sideOccupied
901-#6 31,900 yen8,000 yen39,900 yenWindow sideOccupied
901-#7 22,000 yen8,000 yen31,500 yenWindow sideOccupied
901-#8 21,000 yen8,000 yen30,450 yenWindow sideOccupied
901-#9 19,000 yen8,000 yen28,350 yenOccupied
901-#1019,000 yen8,000 yen28,350 yenOccupied

The required charge is only above Rent + Service = Total amount, except that there are some charged optional service. If you want to have a telephone line, you should do it with your own expense.

If you want to use an equipment that consumes large amount of power (more than 300W), please consult with us. You can use other equipments such as PCs or electrical lamps without charge.

Address Toward Senju Bldg. 1-801 or 1-901, 3-6 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo -> Map
Access 7 minutes walk from Kita-Senju station: Hibiya Line, Chiyoda Line, Joban Line, Tobu Isezaki Line, Hanzomon Line, Tsukuba Express Line
14 minutes walk from Senju-Ohashi station: Keisei Line
2 minutes by car from Senju-Ohashi interchange
Time Required Asakusa 5min0, Ueno 9min0, Akihabara 10min0, Otemachi 16min0, Tokyo 21min1, Ginza 24min0, Akasaka 25min0, Shinjuku 31min1, Shibuya 33min1, Toride 30min0, Tsukuba 34min0, Omiya 40min1, Kawasaki 40min2, Yokohama 49min2, Chiba 56min2, Hachioji 71min2
(green superscript indicates the transfer count)
Neighborhood Face the Nikko street (The national road No.4)
Post office (4 minutes walk), many banks, Adachi central library (6min), Tokyo tax office (9min), national tax and labor offices (11min)
Family Mart (2min), Ito-Yokado (2min), Lumine (7min), Marui including Tokyu Hands and Kinokuniya (7min)
Many restaurant, tube hotel (11min), 100 yen parking (1min), many monthly parking (18,000-30,000 yen/month)
Arakawa river (6min)
Shared Equipment
  • Internet connection (NTT optical fiber 100MBps)
  • Copy&Fax machine x 2 (RICOH MF200 and MF2200, A3, optional charge)
  • Laser printer x 2 (Brother HL-5070DN, A4, optional charge)
  • Inkjet color printer (optional charge)
  • MO drive
  • Shredder
  • Meeting area x 2
  • Refrigerator x 2, kitchen microwave, coffee brewer , electrical pot
  • Cofee, tea, etc
  • Bicycle
Leased Facility
  • Desk (140x70 - 180x80cm, by PLUS) and chair
  • Side cabinet (40x70cm, three-tier)
  • Cabinet (90x40cm, three-tier)
  • Book shelf (width 80-110cm)
  • AC power source, Internet connection terminal, telephone connection terminal
  • You can also use your own desks, chairs, etc if it can be placed within your booth
  • Cleaning shared area, taking the garbage out (twice a week)
  • Receiving delivered packages when you are out of the office
  • You can register you company at this address
  • No smoking in the room
Details about Optional Service

You are charged when using the following shared equipments:

Receiving fax
Free for 20 pages/day. 5 yen/page for extra pages.
Sending fax Actual expense * 110%
Inkjet color printer Free for small number of pages, and discuss for many pages.

Please follow the below rules for sharing the room.

* Any behavior that disturbs other people is strictly inhibited. To keep comfortable working environment, we will force to terminate the contract with anyone who repeatedly disturb other people and cannot change his/her manner.



Tama Software Ltd. Tama Software Ltd.
Toward Senju Bldg. 1-801, 3-6 Senju, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-5813-5563 / Fax: +81-3-5813-5564