Using Pepakura Viewer for Craft ROBO

How to cut projects using the CraftROBO


Open a .pdo file


Open a PDO file (Pepakura Designer's file). Verify that the page size is supported by CraftROBO. You can see the size used for the .pdo file by selecting [File]-[Document Info]. The page size can not be changed with this viewer. The page size is set with Pepakura Designer.

Registration mark configuration


Select [Configuration]-[Registration-mark Configuration] or the buttonbutton_tombo.gif. Then a dialog appears. If you need the registration-marks, check the [Print registration-marks]. Please do not change the positions of the marks from the default values if you do not have special reasons.

Confirm the positions of the registration-marks with Print Preview


Print Preview

Confirm the following for all pages of the project with print preview:

  • The areas of registration-mark (red squares in the following figure) and patterns are not overlapping.
  • The patterns do not run off the edge of the cutting area (a square surrounded by red line in the following figure).

Note that the red square line and boxes are added for reference, they are not displayed in Pepakura viewer for Craft ROBO.

Resize the pattern


If  the pattern is too large, (after checking preview), select [Configuration]-[Scale down for cut] or press the button button_scale.gif. Then the dialog above appears.

You can specify the scale (ex, 90%) and change the size of the pattern. Please preview again and confirm the size is OK.

Print pattern
Print using common printer. This is the same as  Pepakura Viewer.

Set a sheet of paper


Set the printed paper on a Craft ROBO. Please take care for the arraignment of the paper. Set the paper for the direction shown by the orange arrow in the above image. Note that the page goes into the Craft ROBO bottom first.

Select the page to cut

page_dialog.jpg (9781)

After placing the paper into the Craft ROBO, select [File]-[Cut Developments] menu, or press the button_cut.gifbutton. A dialog above appears for selecting the page number. Select the number of the page. Click OK.

Settings for Craft ROBO

printer_setting_dialog.jpg (33550 )

The dialog shown above will open. Select the Craft ROBO for the printer [Name]. Select the Paper Size that is same as [File]-[Document Info]. Press the [Properties...] button and configure the Craft ROBO.

Configuration of Craft ROBO

You can edit the setting for [Dashed Line Pattern Settings].  A setting of about 0.5mm for  both [Cut Line Segment] and [Uncut Line Segment] works well.

Click [OK] and then back to [Print Setup] dialog. Then Click [OK] again.

Configuration of Craft ROBO Controller

robo_controler.jpg (19744)

Configure on [Craft ROBO Controller]. [Design Orientation] should be [Portrait].

After the setting up, press [Cut] button.

Start to cut

ok_dialog.jpg (12052)

After the Craft ROBO has finished reading the registration marks, the above dialog appears. Press the [OK].

Notice that cutting is done one page at a time. To cut other pages, repeat the steps starting from  "Set a sheet of paper".