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Pepakura Designer
Pepakura Designer helps you to create papercraft models from 3D data. You can freely download and try!

FREE Pepakura Viewer is a dedicated viewer that shows works of 3D models and patterns for papercraft created by Pepakura Designer.

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Pepakura Viewer for Silhouette CAMEO

Pepakura Viewer This viewer supports Silhouette CAMEO, a cutting machine. This application exports templates as a DXF file with registration marks compatible with Silhouette Studio.

Pepakura Designer High Resolution Version

Pepakura Designer High Resolution Version This is an advanced version of Pepakura Designer 3 which supports large-size texturing and exporting to large BMP files.

Download Geometric Models (Free)

Download Geometric Models (Free) Here you can download free geometric model such as regular polyhedrons. You can build them by printing and assembling the models. They are freeware for your enjoyment.

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