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A tool for editing small files into one file collectively. Convenient when editing number of small files like HTML page.

Download : funify.exe 1.00 for DOS32 (27KB)

-------- Usage --------

File Unification Utility : FUnify Version 1.00 for DOS32
Copyright (C) Tama Software Ltd., 1997.

Usage > 1. FUnify <unified-file> /i <in-file>... [/<option>]...
      > 2. FUnify <unified-file>... [/<option>]...
      > 3. FUnify /? [/eng|/jpn]
1. unify multiple files
2. split (restore) unified file by this tool
3. description
/sub  process files in subdirectories, too (only 1.)
/sep  specify separator string (only 1.)
/a    append unified text to existing file (only 1.)
/eng  display messages in English
/jpn  display messages in Japanese (Shift JIS)
/v    verbous (display processing status)

FUnify is a utility to join small files to one unified file. You can 
extract original small files from the unified file at any time. This
tool can unify binary files as well as text files.

Files contained in the unified file are separated by "separator". Default
separator is "[### FUnify File Separator ###]:". This string must not be
appear in original files' top-of-line (directly after code 0Ah). Separator
string can be changed with /sep option.

You can edit the unified file as you like except of separator strings
and followed file names. We made this tool to edit small text files
in one big file.

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