Pop-Up Card Designer PRO

Pop-Up Card Designer PRO is shareware.
The registration fee is US$32.
Until you enter your license key it via [Help]-[Enter Licence Key] menu, you cannot save or export data. Please purchase a password if you want to design more detailed work and continue using this software.
Please use the shareware version to ensure that Pop-Up Card Designer Pro runs on your PC without troubles.
You can purchase the license key from the Order Page. Please click the following image to go to the order page.

Jump Tp Order Page

* [Registration Backup Service] is initially added in the order form. This is optional. If you do not need the service, please delete the option by clicking icon.

Also note the fee is not refundable.
Please try this shareware on your computer before you purchase the password and make the payment only when it works fine and you need unavailable functions.
The license key is only for unlocking the software and enabling all functions.
Therefore any other liability, except to provide full functions for purchasing the password, shall be expressly disclaimed.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask us.

(c)Tama Software Ltd. All rights reserved.