Underglaze an image


You can underglaze in image by choosing [Setting]-[Underglaze Image]. This is useful for tracing an image onto your pop-up card.

The BMP or JPEG file can be underglazed by clicking [Open File].

You can drag the image into place. To resize it, drag the handles.

You can underglaze both the horizontal and vertical planes. Please note that the image for the horizontal is inverted.

This is how the card looks after applying underglazes.

By viewing the card from the front, shapes can be formed from the underglaze.

You can view your work by temporarily hiding the underglaze by clicking on the [Show Underglaze Image] icon on the toolbar or selecting [View]-[Show Underglaze].

Interesting shapes can be made from the underglaze. However, the underglaze image does not print or export.

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